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Friday, January 9, 2009

Inspirational Movie, The Motorcycle Diaries

Every night, I choose one movie to watch as I go to sleep, last night I chose The Motorcycle Diaries. This movie is particularly motivational in an unconventional sense. It is about a medical student and a biochemist who decide to take a trip up the coast of South America. During their journey, they meet many new types of people, one of them being the Peruvian Incas who lost everything when the Spaniards came to Peru. It changed the two young mens perspectives on life and liberty, which would eventually allow the medical student , a.k.a., Che Guevara to make moves into the communist scene. The men end at a remote clinic where the patients are plagued by leprosy which was one of the most devastating plagues of all time. This movie is a definite watch for a new type of motivation from the run-of-the-mill rags to riches movie. It truly inspires and offers new perspectives on the lives of others who may not have it so fortunate. On a more personal note, my inspirational video for the morning has been absorbed and I'm ready to take on yet another great day. I hope all my fellow entrepreneurs out there are ready to do the same, I have a feeling today will be GREAT! Take care everyone, I'll write to you a bit later.

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