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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Alright, today was another great day, no new leads to note of, but that sure as hell doesn't mean there isn't some great ones in my path. Regarding Obama's speech today, a lot of analysts are seeming to side with me on my previous assumptions. We agree that he is being far too optimistic and really needs to start looking at this from a more objective standpoint. The economy is in the DUMPs! Drastic changes need to be made to keep these corporate sleezeballs from being greedy and taking every cent that's left. As far as a solution, I have none, but I also didn't study economics and become a politician to help create one. Tonight I will finish watching the second half of Wall Street, and begin reflecting more on what exactly I plan on doing. Now is the time to change, to find new opportunities and take advantage of all the ones we currently have. Any other young entrepreneurs out there, START making your changes now, concentrate on the abundance out there and how much money is to be made in any economy. Goodnight all, I'll write to you in the morning!

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