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Friday, January 9, 2009

5 ways to change your life today!

In this post, I plan on highlighting 5 spectacular ways to make positive change in your life today, instantly. I am sure if you follow these 5 guidelines, your life will change in ways you could never imagine.

1. Imagine Possibilities - As you think about different aspects of your life, begin to focus on what could be, rather than what your current situation is. If you drive a crappy car, imagine driving a brand new Ferrari. Utilize this method every day to help draw the things you want closer to you on a daily basis.

2. React differently - When negative things happen to you, remember that the only way they can affect you is in the way that you react to them. If you get a flat tire, shrug it off, fix it, and get on your way. Believe me, you'll be much better off than if you curse out your tire, kick it, hurt your foot, etc etc. Remember that your reaction to circumstances are the biggest determining factor in how they affect you.

3. Take Action - Stop procrastinating and start taking action towards achieving the goals that you dream of. If you have a goal in mind, get it down on paper and start taking appropriate steps towards reaching that goal, every time you postpone it is a lost opportunity.

4. Be Grateful - Be grateful for you current circumstances, whatever they are. Remember that there are millions of people that are worse off than you and you have the possibility to create an abundance of wealth and happiness in your life using your resources.

5. Use resources- Ties in to the previous post, look all around you for possible resources to help you achieve your goals. Always concentrate on all of the positive resources around you and remember that your own resourcefulness is your greatest resource.

Thanks all for listening in, I plan on posting once more later tonight, so we shall chat then.

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